• 番組タイアップ

    Tie-up with TV Programs/CM

    As an all-round Entertainment Company, we offer you a variety of opportunities through Tie-up with TV Programs/CM.
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  • ツアー企画 / 制作

    Planning & Producing Events

    We provide total production from planning, operation, and data analysis for outdoor festivals and concert tours. We create entertainment that shares the excitement with fans.
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  • マーチャンダイジング

    Merchandising Goods

    We provide speedy planning, production and sales of Artist Goods and Character Goods.
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  • ファンサイト / ファンクラブ運営

    Organizing Fan Sites/Clubs

    We plan, produce and organize Artists’ Official Websites, and provide communication through Fan Sites and Fan Clubs.
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  • 番組企画 / 運営

    Planning & Organizing
    TV Programs

    Here’s the list of our TV Programs produced with our top-of-the-line technologies and skills.
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  • 映像企画 / 制作

    Planning &
    Producing Videos

    We make Plans and Produce various Videos & Movies including Music Videos.
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  • プロジェクト

    Various Projects

    We engage in Various Projects related to Music.
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  • Demo / Audition


    We are always looking for future Talents and Artists. Please see here for more information on your application with your demonstration Music and Auditions.
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