Our Corporate Name
Established Date
April 1st, 1970
40 million (40,000,000) Japanese Yen
Our Business Activities
  • Management, acquisition and assignment of domestic/international Copyrights and neighboring Rights
  • Registration and issuing permissions of Copyrights and neighboring Rights
  • Production of audio master-records and marketing Music products
  • Distribution of Music through the Internet
  • Planning and Production of TV Programs
  • Marketing and Distribution of TV Programs, Movies and Recorded Contents
  • Publishing and Distribution of Copyright Contents
  • Creating/training and Management of Musicians and Artists
  • Production and operation of Events and Concerts
  • Management of Copyrights, designing Rights and Trademarks, related to the above businesses
  • Merchandizing these Rights for toys, sporting Goods, clothing, food & drinks, stationary Goods, home-electronic appliances, watches/clocks, Recorded products and other daily necessities
  • PR and advertising businesses
  • Administration and renting/leasing real estate
  • Leasing movable properties
  • Any and all other businesses pertinent to the above
Financial Institutions for Our Business Operations
Sumitomo Mitsui Bank, Azabu branch office
Mizuho Bank, Roppongi branch office
Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank, Roppongi branch office
Our affiliate companies
TV Asahi Holdings CorporationTV Asahi Corporation
Our Board Members
CEO               : Masao Yoshida (Mr.)
President COO          : Kumiko Himeno (Ms.)
MEMBER OF THE BOARD    : Mikako Sato (Ms.)
MEMBER OF THE BOARD    : Yasunori Kanbe (Mr.)
MEMBER OF THE BOARD    : Norimasa Fujii (Mr.)
MEMBER OF THE BOARD    : Hiroyuki Dekura (Mr.)
MEMBER OF THE BOARD    : Yasushi Tomita (Mr.)
Total number of employees
105(Jul 2023)
the other office


Apr 1970
TV ASAHI MUSIC was established as NET Music Publishing Co., Ltd.
Apr 1978
Revised corporate name to TV ASAHI MUSIC CO., LTD. (Registered name)
Oct 1994
Moved office from TV Asahi building to Roppongi Hill’s North Tower
It was originally called Tokyo Nissan Building.
Oct 1996
Started supervising & system management business of TV Asahi’s TV Program titled
“Break Out” to scout and develop debut Artists
June 1997
Established its own subsidiary “I-2 Project”
Jan 1998
Revised “I-2 Project” to LOGiCAL SOLUTiON & D Inc. (LSD)
Apr 1998
Started producing TV Asahi’s TV Program titled “FUTURE TRACKS”
Aug 1999
Started broadcasting FUTURE TRACKS on FM radio station, specialized in International repertoire
Sep 2001
Established its own Music Label
Jan 2002
Started producing TV Asahi’s nation-wide TV Program titled “The Street Fighters”
Apr 2003
Started the Artists’ management business - for KETSUMEISHI
Jan 2004
Opened its recording studio called “DAITA STUDIO”
Apr 2006
Started producing TV Asahi’s TV Program titled “FUTURE TRACKS-R”
May 2007
Started debut Artists’ scouting Event called “H Gene Matsuri”
Sep 2007
Expanded its office to 13th floor of Roppongi Hill’s North Tower
Aug 2009
Opened ROPPONGI STUDIO (Recording Studio)
Jul 2012
Merged LSD Inc.
Sep 2013
Completed overall office-floor renovation
Mar 2014
Merged BS Asahi Sounds
Apr 2020
Celebrated the 50th anniversary

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