Aiming at One-and-Only Unique Entertainment Company!

Masao Yoshida

Dear Customers and Website Visitors,

TV ASAHI MUSIC CO., LTD. started as a Music Publishing company to manage TV Programs’ Music. These days, however, we have expanded our businesses from Music Right businesses to various other businesses as a “Total Entertainment Company”.

Consumer markets are changing rapidly these days. If you look at the automobile industry, consumers are placing more values on safety rather than fuel-efficiency and cost-performances. In the distribution and service industry, consumers are asking for more comfortable products/services rather than hospitality. We are in the entertainment business industry and we should also provide our customers with highly satisfactory products and services. Instead of hospitality, we should provide something comfortable plus some unique distinction rather than equal standard. Also, as the market gets matured, we need to appeal more to our repeating customers as well as to gain new customers. In order to do this, we believe it is the most important to create new standard or innovative common-sense.

Facing this major turning point, all of our staff members should go back to the original starting point to aim at new growth. It is just like helping to grow a small budding plant to a big tree to bear fruit. All of us from across the board should stand on the front line to engage in the hands-on work with creative mind and love, and then to be blessed and loved by our dear customers. This is our idea to create the one-and-only unique entertainment businesses.

We will tear down conventional business environment with the belief of “creative-destruction” to develop new market in the world. Please look forward to seeing innovative businesses, movements and culture that TV ASAHI MUSIC creates in the future!

Masao Yoshida

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