Keep Creating Our “Original Values”

Masao Yoshida

Dear Customers and Website Visitors,

TV ASAHI MUSIC Co., Ltd. initially started business as the music publisher under its TV broadcasting company to provide music for TV programs. And now, as of April 2020, we would proudly like to announce the celebration of 50th anniversary of its establishment.

For the first 10 years after setting the target to grow as Total Entertainment Company, we had experienced a period of violent turmoil shaken by the market trend in the whole industry. In this turmoil, we have expanded our businesses taking the advantage of solid know-how of the music publisher, not only in the copyright management business but also to various types of businesses such as artist management business, live-concerts, merchandizing and fan-club businesses. Now, we have a variety of business infrastructure to cover any and all entertainment businesses. As a result, we were able to evolve from Total Music Company to Total Entertainment Company, and had a great leap thanks to the major shift in the awareness of our staff members.

So far, we have kept challenging the establishment of new business models. In other words, it was a series of “Creative Destruction” period. From now on, our task is to create, manage and control quality music as a music publisher. Another task is to thrive in the content-based IP business for the artists as Total Entertainment Company. We aim to create IP under our original brand name and broaden business around it. It is important for us to keep creating and providing software contents with our “original value” which the community and our clients are asking for.

In order for us to make further growth, it is vital for all our staff members to reform self-awareness. For that purpose, it may be sometimes necessary for us to destroy and retract businesses or conventional concept facing in front of us and go back to very basic state. We should have a strong mindset to open up for the future and to tackle new businesses under the spirit of Creative Destruction.

We should not be tied to conventional business environment, but to have a clear vision of the future, and develop new market with the worldwide vision. Please look forward to innovative businesses, movement and culture which will be created ty TV ASAHI MUSIC!

Masao Yoshida

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