Keep Creating Our “Original Values”

Masao Yoshida

Dear Customers and Website Visitors,

TV ASAHI MUSIC Co., Ltd. initially started business as the music publisher under its TV broadcasting company to provide music for TV programs. And now, as of April 2020, we would proudly like to announce the celebration of 52th anniversary of its establishment.

In expanding our business domain from our beginnings as a music publisher to our current position as a total entertainment company, we have always taken on the challenge of creating and implementing new business models.

As a music publisher, we will continue to produce and manage high-quality managed music.

 The other is to create and brand IP and maximize its peripheral businesses in the artist-centered content IP business as a total entertainment company.

The social and economic changes caused by the pandemic of the new coronavirus have significantly changed people's living environment and lifestyles. We, as entertainment providers, must be sensitive to the changes in people's minds. We will reset the common sense of the pre-Corona business and create and provide the "unique value" that our customers seek with our spirit of "creative destruction".

With an eye on the future, we will develop new markets.
We look forward to the innovative business, movement, and culture that TV Asahi Music will create.

Masao Yoshida

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