Organizing Fan Sites/ Clubs

Service Information

TV ASAHI MUSIC offers services to set up and operate your Artists’ Official Websites and Fan Clubs to facilitate communication with the Fans.
Based on our fully-experienced fan services from your Artist’s debut period to the successful big Artist’s period, we will propose a timely planning and administration.

Website for Fans

We will propose the most attractive contents and the effective messages to appeal and enhance your Artist’s advantages.
We are ready to set up various kinds of Websites including the Official Artist’s Websites, Closed Member Websites and EC Websites. We will also suggest promotional strategies to gain more Fans and Members.

KETSUMEISHI Official Website:「」

Official Website for PC Official Website for mobile

Membership mobile Website:「CLUB KETSUMEISHI」

Fan Club

We offer Fan Club’s comprehensive administration services including membership entry/withdrawal procedures, making rules & regulations, collecting fees, and Concert or Event venue plans.
We are flexible to offer advice and support of your Fan Clubs according to your requests.
We are experienced in offering various Projects at the Events and Websites. Based on these experiences, our services combine analog and digital media to enrich Fans and help cost management.

Fan Websites and Fan Clubs are the good opportunity for the operator to keep Fans under its wing.
So, it is important to provide hospitality to the Fans in order to keep their membership as long as possible.
Sometimes, it is hard to take a good care of small requests from the Fans. However, there’s no need to worry.
We will provide you with detailed support in order to live up to even small requests from Fans to meet their expectations.


(Kaze no Gundan)


「ソナポケ サポーターズ クラブ(SSC)」




If you have Inquiries or Requests on Organizing Fan Sites/ Clubs, please call us;
CS Section at Production HQ TV ASAHI MUSIC CO., LTD.
  • VOICE03-3796-7500
  • FAX03-3475-5426

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