“Real” DEMO Seminar 1st Workshop Event by Shinya Tada: SOUND DESIGNER & Music Factory Tokyo2018.03.09

Music Factory Tokyo ( will hold a new event on March 9th.  Music Factory Tokyo is a comprehensive music platform for music writers and creators to support all such people to create music.

In this event, Shinya Tada will give workshop in collaboration with SOUND DESIGNER magazine’s column.  Shinya Tada is the columnist for music creators’ magazine “SOUND DESIGNER”.   His column is called “Shinya Tada’s DEMO seminar”, which is a popular column for would-be music creators to provide professional advice. 

This workshop is a face-to-face version of the magazine’s column.  At the workshop, Shinya Tada will give precise and keen but easy-to-understand advice to the participants.

The lucky participants for this workshop will be chosen in the lottery session among the readers who had contributed their music work in the past.

Outline of this Workshop
* Please note that we are not recruiting the participants this time.

SOUND DESIGNER x Music Factory Tokyo presents
Shinya Tada’s “Real” DEMO seminar 1st Workshop Event - Brushing up your topline!

Lecturer:  Shinya Tada
Fee:  free of charge

About the lecturer:  Shinya Tada
Shinya Tada made his debuts as a composer by composing Arashi’s coupling single song dubbed “Itsumademo” in 2007.  He has been a successful writer, and then in 2009, he started his career as a singer-song writer.  In 2011, his song titled “Yasashii Hero” (Sweet Hero sung by Shinya Tada) was broadcasted on popular NHK’s Song program “Minna no uta”.  In 2012, he was awarded the Silver Prize from JASRAC for his composition titled “Pony Tail & Shushu” sung by AKB48.  Shinya Tada has been a multi-talented creator with lots of potential growth in the variety of fields.  Since January 2016, Shinya Tada has his own serial column called “Shinya Tada’s DEMO seminar” in the SOUND DESIGNER, a monthly magazine issued every 9th and is the music creators’ magazine for guitarists.  He has been providing advice to would-be music creators in this magazine.

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