Want-to-know more about history series: The 6th stage show, 「John Manjiro」 To be held 2018.06.14

“Want-to know more about history series” is an enjoyable fun entertainment-show focused on historic events that are not introduced in school textbooks.

The 6th stage show of this series the life adventure of “John Manjiro” who had first traveled to the U.S. at the end of Tokugawa era and had given a great impact on Japan’s policy on opening the country to the world.

[Outline of John Manjiro’s Story]
When he was 14, John Manjiro was shipwrecked in the Pacific Ocean and was saved by the whaling ship of the U.S.  He was taken to the U.S. and lived a strong life despite the differences of language and customs, segregation and various hardships.
After 10 years, Manjiro was finally able to come back home to Japan.  At that time, it was at the end of Tokugawa era in Japan, and the people were facing conflicts of opening Japan to the world or not.  Manjiro lived through this tough time.

[Stage-performance Guide]
This show - total 14 shows - will be held between Thursday, June 14th and Sunday, June 24th
Venue: EX Theater Roppongi

Starting Time
June 14th (Thurs) 7:00 pm
     15th (Fri)  7:00 pm
     16th (Sat)  1:00 pm & 6:00 pm
     17th (Sun) 1:00 pm
     18th (Mon) Closed
     19th (Tues) 7:00 pm
     20th (Wed) 7:00 pm
     21st (Thurs) 2:00 pm & 7:00 pm
     22nd (Fri)  7:00 pm
     23rd (Sat)  1:00 pm & 6:00 pm
     24th (Sun) 12:00 pm
* Doors open 30 minutes before the starting time at each show.
* Each show lasts for approx. 2 and half hours.

[Ticket Prices] All seats are reserved/ tax included
Advanced ticket: 8,000 yen - Ticket on the show date is 8,500 yen.
No admission for pre-school aged children.

[Staff Members]
Original Story: “John Manjiro: Samurai Spirt over the Pacific Ocean” written by Margi Preus, published by Shueisha Bunko
Translated by Mizuhito Kanehara
Scenario writer:  Tetsuya Suzuki and Tomoki Kanazawa
Effects:  Makoto Ozeki (Super Eccentric Theater)
Planning:  Takashi Zama

[Performing Artists]
Main artist:  Takuya Mizoguchi as John Manjiro
Featuring artists: Hirofumi Araki, Souma Ishihara, Kaoru Masaki, Kazuki Ishiga, Sena Yamashita, Kei, Hosigai, Tomoya Ishii, Katsuhiko Ibuka, Jyuri, Ryu Kiyama, Noboru Washio, Kenji Takechi, Shigenori Yamazaki, et al.

Production Committee of “Want-to-know more about history series”

[Inquiry for further information]
Event Office of “Want-to-know more about history series”
Phone: 03-3403-9906 (between 12:00 pm ~ 7:00 pm on weekdays)
Official website:

-Based on “HEART OF A SAMURAI” by Margi Preus
Japanese language theatrical live performance rights arranged with
Margi Preus c/o Jennifer De Chiara Agency and Books Crossing Borders, New York
through Tuttle-Mori Agency, Inc., Tokyo
© Mizuhito Kanehara/Shueisha

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