JAPAN’S BELOVED ANIMATION SONGS’ COVER PERFORMANCE CONTECT - Idol Matsuri (Festival) 2018 is now on!2018.06.18

It’s the 4th year -- TV Asahi Music is now holding the cover-songs’ performance contest by idol performers across the nation, along with Japan’s beloved popular animation songs.

Animation songs are accepted throughout the nation regardless of ages, from the young to the old.  The contestants will compete in this contest with their original actions, performances and singing along with these songs.

This year’s title songs are “Moonlight Densetsu” and “Hyokkori Hyoutanjima”.

“” and “Kobushi factory & Tsubaki factory” will act as this contest’s ambassador!  They will act as the performance models of the title songs.  They will also cheer up and promote this contest in various scenes.

This contest is to appeal idols’ attractiveness through the Internet and the live performances.  The contest is on the air at “Music-Ru TV” on TV Asahi network nation-wide. 

The contestants from across Japan will show the heated battle aiming to be picked up for the final which will be held at Tokyo Dome City Hall on (Sat) September 8th.
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Elimination Round Schedule to pick up the area reps is as follows-admission free
Tohoku area -(Sat) June 9 at Sendaishi, Post-war restoration memorial hall
Hokkaido area - (Sun) June 10 at Sapporo Sun-plaza Concert Hall
Kanto area A-(Sun) June 24 at Saitama City Hall “Urawa”
Kanto area B-(Thurs) July 26 at Sanpo-cho Culture Hall (Copis Miyoshi) in Iruma, Saitama Pref
Chugoku-Shikoku area - (Fri) July 27 at Hiroshima YMCA International Culture Center Hall
Kyushu-Okinawa area - (Sat) July 28 at Sukara-Espasio (Fukuoka city)
Tokai area - (Mon) July 30 at Nagoyashi-Chushokigyo-Shinko-Kaika, Fukiage Hall (Main Hall)
Kansai area - (Tues) July 31 at Osaka-fu, Danjyokyodousankaku-Seishounen center Hall

2018 Final-round Contest Information for Idol Matsuri Festival
Venue:  Tokyo Dome City Hall
Date:  (Sat) Sept 8, 2018
Participating Artists: Dempagumi. inc., Kobushi factory & Tsubaki factory, Finalists of Idol Matsuri festival

Please check website for further details:

Office for Kokuminteki Anime-song Cover Contest - Idol Matsuri
Phone: 03-3403-9909 (11:00am~7:00pm/weekdays only)

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