Workshop News: “Anime OP&ED’s World - 90 seconds’ beauty” to be held by Makoto Nishibe2018.07.18

This workshop is held as part of Music Factory Tokyo’s event.  Music Factory Tokyo is music writers’ and creators’ comprehensive music platform which was originally created to support all the music creators.

In this workshop, music director Makoto Nishibe of Flying Dog Inc. will talk about charming world of animation music and the points to consider from the director’s view.  It will be the hands-on workshop by this hit song writer Makoto Nishibe who has produced various songs such as TV animation “Kantai Collection ?kan-kore”.  He has also given the artists’ direction to such artists as Nano, Shiena Nishizawa and voice actresses Manami Numakura and Nao Higashiyama.

Event Overview
Title: “Music Factory Tokyo presents Music Creators Workshop; Music Director version-Anime OP&ED’s world - 90 seconds’ beauty”
Time & Date:  (Thurs) August 23rd, 2018 -Starting at 3:00 pm (Doors open 2:30 pm)
Venue:  TV Asahi Music’s main building at Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Lecturer:  Makoto Nishibe, Flying Dog Inc.
Navigator:  Shinya Tada
Admission Fee:  3,500 yen (tax included) per regular adult
                2,800 yen (tax included) per student (must show student’s ID card)
* After closing the purchase-entry application, we will notify lucky winners the topic for creating music.  Please notify that all the tickets will be sold after going through the lottery session. 
Please place your entry as early as possible.
* If you are a student, you can get the student discount provided that you show your student ID card.  Please make sure that you bring your student ID card with you on the workshop day.  You are not allowed to enter the venue without your student ID card.

The electronic tickets will be sold this time.  Please make sure to bring your smartphone to this workshop because you need to receive your electronic ticket via your smartphone and to enter the venue.

Purchase-application Entry Periods: 12:00 am (Tuesday) July 10th to 11:59 pm (Monday) July 23rd

To enter the ticket-purchase application, please go to the following website:

About Lecturer “Makoto Nishibe” - Music Director/Producer, Flying Dog Inc.
Makoto Nishibe has provided the artists’ direction to such artists as Nano, Shiena Nishizawa”,and voice actresses Manami Numakura and Nao Higashiyama.  He has also produced such animation music as Aoki-hagane no arpeggio, Kantai-collection-kankore-, Mahoushojyo ikuseikeikaku, Chain-chronicle-Hekuseitasu no hirameki, Fuka, Tsuki ga kirei.

This workshop will be the first lecture for Makoto Nishibe who has kindly accepted our offer to give some advice to the newly budding music creators.

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