Want-to-know more about History Series – 7th series“Momoyama Best Tribe” to be held at ...2019.05.28

This is interesting and entertaining theatrical series to show historical events which are not introduced in school textbooks.

7th stage performance “Momoyama Beat Tribe – Unstable again…”
This is the remake of the 5th stage show titled “Momoyama Beat Tribe” which was performed in EX Theater Roppongi in December 2017.

With new scenes, songs and performances, this latest series is much improved.  This time, the stage performance will also be held in Kyoto for the first time in consideration of the fact that the actual event took place in Kyoto during Azuchi-Momoyama era.

In this play, 4 musicians form the troupe:  One of them is the most impressive actor Yamamoto Ryota of Johnny’s Jr. & Uchu Six who appeared in the first series.  He plays the role of Tojiro who plays the shamisen very skillfully with the speed of machine-gun shots.  Hara Yoshitaka of the same group plays another leading role “Koheita”, the flute player.  It is the first time for him to act in this series.  Other familiar cast members in this series also appear in this show.

During Azuchi Momoyama era, 4 young men meet by accident.  It was their fateful encounter.  They fight against the powerful ruler Toyotomi Hideyoshi with music as their weapons.  This theatrical play is based on the best-selling novel written by Amano Sumiki who won the New-face award of 20th Novel Subaru . 
These four musicians form a music troupe when they meet, and their avant-garde artistic technique was supported by enthusiastic citizens.  They stand up against the ruler with their music as their weapons.  On the whole, it is an energetic and refreshing play.

Performance Schedule:
June 14 (Fri), 2019 – June 16 (Sun), 2019 at Kyoto Theater
June 21 (Fri), 2019 – July 1 (Mon), 2019 at EX Theater Roppongi

※   Doors open 30 minutes before the play
※   There will be a special curtain-call event after the show! – Performing show by Chiho-za & Okuni-za troupes

Ticket price:
9,800 yen (incl tax)/ all seats are reserved

Staff members:
Original story:  “Momoyama Beat Tribe” by Amano Sumiki (Shueisha bunko publishing)
Screen play writer:  Kanazawa Tomoki
Performance/dramatization:  Ozeki Makoto
Planning:  Zama Takashi

Featuring artists:
Yamamoto Ryota (Uchu Six, Johnny’s Jr.)
Hara Yoshitaka (Uchu Six, Johnny’s Jr.)
Mizuno Erina (Elina)
Soejima Jun
Tomioka Kento (MADE, Johnny’s Jr.)
Okutani Tomohiro
Kuge Megumi
Honma Tsuyoshi
Takechi Kenji
Ishii Tomoya
Yagami Ren
Sano Mizuki
Hoshino Mari
Yamazaki Shigenori et al.

Sponsored by: “Motto rekishi wo fukaku shiritakunaru series” production committee

For inquiry and more information:
“Motto rekishi wo fukaku shiritakunaru series” Event Office
Phone: (03)3403-9906 (12:00 pm – 7:00 pm/ weekdays)
Official website:

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