Planning & Organizing TV Programs

TV ASAHI MUSIC makes plans, organizes and runs the following TV Programs:


music-Ru TV

On air 25:29~ Monday Broadcasted on TV Asahi and its 24 affiliate broadcasting stations

Based on the concept of “Fresh Encounter with Music is Here!”, “music-Ru TV” is a Music Information Program aired via TV Asahi’s 24 broadcasting stations nationwide. Featuring in this Program are two main MCs; Hyadain and Show Ayanocozey. Hyadain is a sound-producer- Artist. Show Ayanocozey was the MC at “Moshiure corner” since May 2014. Also, additional two MCs Yoji Kondo and Suzuka Matsumoto (REPIPOCHA), who are extremely popular among teens, entertain the viewers with unique talks in the uptown and café studio set. They will give you rare information that even teens like to jump at it! Also, this Program offers the corner called “Million Renpatsu Ongaku-Sakka Jyuku”(Music writer school for Million-Seller Writers) to dig up the next-generation Writers by Music-writing contest for the latest Artists. Animation director Yuji Uchiyama’s new animation called “NORA SUKO” can be also seen in this Program. Yuji Uchiyama is a creator of a popular picture story featured with a paper rabbit called “KAMI USAGI ROPE”. With new MCs and new projects, this Program will continue to offer a variety of latest information including Music to the viewers all over the country.

music-Ru TV Official Website



On air 25:26~ Wednesday via TV Asahi’s 24 nation-wide broadcasting stations

This Program focuses on the most active male Artists among the variety of Music genres. Then the Program introduces such Artists from various aspects. That’s the unique feature of this BREAK OUT Program. BREAK OUT touches the inner world of Artists to give the viewers their real charm honestly and sometimes through the scientific and psychological analysis.

BREAK OUT Official Website

- On-air date -
  • Honki-no shumatsu “Guda Guda” (Jun 2016 - Dec 2016)
  • FUTURE TRACKS→R(Apr 2006 - Dec 2011)
  • Creative Market (Oct 2004 - Mar 2006)
  • The Street Fighters(Jan 2002 ~ Dec 2011)
  • D'sGARAGE21 (Apr 1999 - Sep 2002)
  • FUTURETRACKS (Apr 1998 - Sep 2002)
  • BreakOut (Oct 1996 - Dec 2001)
  • Mew (Apr 1994 - Sep 1999)
  • MUSIC NEWS HO (Apr 1993 - Sep 1996)
  • We (Apr 1993 - Mar 1996)
  • ENKA TV (Apr 1987 - Mar 1994)

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