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TV ASAHI MUSIC designs and produces various kinds of audio-visual products including Music-related Videos and Movies.
Taking advantages of its in-house program-making skills, we can support your audio-visual businesses in all aspects such as shooting and editing visual products, overall production, casting and coordination.

Production of Audio-Visual Products

We are good at creating Artists’ Music Videos which can appeal their talents in Music and unique personalities. Also, we are specialized in planning and production of corporate introduction Videos and company products’ Videos and digital Movies for Websites.
Our professional team will advise you the best plans and coordination, staff arrangements your Movie contents according to your project size and budget.

Creating Movie contents for your Fan Club members
We’ve been creating Movie contents of our exclusive Artists – KETSUMEISHI and Sonar Pocket – for their Fan Club Members.
In-Concert Videos
We’ve been making Tour-opening Video and insert Videos at Live Concert venues for our Artist KETSUMEISHI.

Live Broadcasting

We use multiple numbers of cameras (several units to several dozen units) to Live-Broadcast Events and Live Concerts.
We can also support Live Broadcasting using USTREAM and NIKONIKO Live Programs.

We have broadcasted USTREAM Live of our Artist TARO KOBAYASHI.
We have also broadcasted many other Artists’Live Concerts and Events on the spot.
Linking with “music-Ru-TV” Program broadcasted on TV Asahi Network, we have been Live-Broadcasting the Contents on the Website.

Our Achievement

Our TV Programs



On air at 25:21~ on Monday on TV Asahi and its 24 affiliate TV channels in Japan

This TV Program offers new ways of how to enjoy and get to know Music. It’s a new type of Music Program for Music Fans to positively get the charm of J-POP. In other words, it’s a Music recommendation service Program to offer the viewers casual type of Music to match various daily situations. This Program may provide you with a new encounter through a new type of collaboration linking Websites.

“music-Ru-TV” features major Artists every week, to introduce you their favorite playlists for each situation. Also, this Program provides a variety of Music information such as digging up talented amateur Artists from all over Japan.

music-Ru-TV Official Website



On air on at 25:21~ Thursday on TV Asahi and 24 nationwide broadcasting TV stations

Currently in Japan, new Music scenes are created one after another – they are V-ROCK, NIKO-NIKO Movies, Voice Actors, networks etc.
In this Program, we will provide you with a variety of latest Music scenes, which are difficult for you to keep up with its speed, in an easy-to-understand way.

BON-chan, the navigator in an outer-space character, will search the Artists with special imaginary energy called “IKETERU” or the groovy spirit, which is supposed to be possessed only by the most attractive Artists. And he will introduce the information on such special Artists faster than any other media.

BREAK OUT Official Website

- On-air date -
  • BreakOut (Oct 1996 – Dec 2001)
  • Creative Market (Oct 2004 – Mar 2006)
  • FUTURETRACKS (Apr 1998 – Sept 2002)
  • The Street Fighters(Jan 2002 – Dec 2011)
  • D'sGARAGE21 (Apr 1999 – Sept 2002)
  • FUTURE TRACKS→R(Apr 2006 – Dec 2011)

Other Visual Products

  • Street Fighters H Gene Matsuri - Final in National Comp 2007~2010
  • Futuristic Mobile Navigation with all our might! - Product Info VP
  • megumi nakajima ~spring festival - DVD
  • Tokyo Yakult Swallows TSUBATSUBA Movie - Film
  • Park Hae-jin - Special Event Film
  • KETSUMEISHI - Arena Tour Opening Movie
  • KARIYUSHI58 KARIYUSHI TV part3・part4
  • MALICE MIZER – Live Concert Video at Shibuya Kokaido Hall



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